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This website is no longer updated. To learn about my current activities or ventures, please contact me directly.
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Short introduction with some external links.

I'm currently a CS grad student at Stanford studying artificial intelligence. My advisor is Fei-Fei Li. I did my undergrad at the University of Texas at Austin.

I'm part of the Computer Vision Lab (SAIL) where I work on distributed computer vision systems. I generally TA the graduate-level machine learning and deep learning courses. Some of my interests are:

  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Social Modeling
  • Deep Learning
  • Video Understanding
  • 3D Vision

Industry Experience

Places and teams I've worked with.

Data Scientist, Ads Targeting
Program Manager, Ads Relevance & Revenue
Software Engineer, Ads Serving


Subjects I've studied over the years.


Stanford University

MS, Computer Science
Advisor: Fei-Fei Li


University of Texas

BS, Computer Science
BBA, Finance (BHP/FAP)
Advisor: Dan Miranker


Northwestern University

Visiting Student
Coursework in Economics


A collection of side projects, research studies, and course assignments.


An overview of my research interests, publications, etc.


    Reinforcement learning, human pose estimation, multimodal vision, video understanding, activity prediction

    Application Areas

    Medical diagnosis, healthcare environment monitoring, computational advertising, video search and indexing

  • Past Groups

  • RiBS Lab (2012-14)
    Department of Computer Science
    University of Texas at Austin

    Wilke Lab (2013)
    Department of Integrative Biology
    University of Texas at Austin

  • Other Projects

    1. Unsupervised Context-Aware Anomaly Detection for Identifying Trolls in Streaming Data. A. Haque. Course Project for Data Mining (CS 363D), University of Texas at Austin. May 2014. PDF Code Poster